About Us

The goal of the Human And Robot Partners (HARP) lab is to understand and develop autonomous, intelligent robots that help people live better. Our robots engage people through social and physical interactions, monitoring human behavior to understand and predict the types of help people need. Our lab’s expertise includes robotics, human-robot interaction, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and cognitive science. Application domains include assistive robot manipulators for people with motor impairments, robot tutors for education, and robot therapy assistants for people with cognitive or social disabilities.

We are a part of the Robotics Insitute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Stop by our lab in NSH 4502 for a visit!

If you’re interested in getting involved with our research, please read this first.


  • 15 Sept ‘22: Professor Admoni participated in a panel discussion on AI for Good, hosted by the International Telecommunications Union. You can watch a video of it here.

  • 30 June ‘22: Mike’s paper “Reasoning about Counterfactuals to Improve Human Inverse Reinforcement Learning” was accepted to IROS! You can find a preprint of the paper here on arXiv.

  • 28 June ‘22: Reuben presented his paper “Gaze Complements Control Input for Goal Prediction During Assisted Teleoperation” at the RSS conference in New York City.

  • 28 June ‘22: Professor Admoni was selected to give an Early Career Spotlight talk at Robotics: Science and Systems, a top international conference on robotics.

  • 10 June ‘22: Abhijat was awarded the Link Foundation Fellowship in Modeling, Simulation, and Training!

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